Digital Twins Healtcare

6 Digital Twin Applications in Healthcare – The Revolution of the Next Decade

Digital Twin is a broad concept that encompasses many technologies and applications. A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical object or an intangible system. However, these virtual copies are not a complete representation of the complex multi-physics nature of the entity, ...
State of the art

How to research quickly a state of the art – Practical guide

Every scientific oeuvre starts with a state of the art. A state of the art is a text that summarizes the key concepts on the topic, explains the current status of the subject, and discuss the latest advances and challenges ...
Scientific Databases

Scientific databases – which one should you use

We have already explained in this blog what types of scientific articles exist. Now, you may wonder – where I can find scientific articles? How do I know what has been published on my subject? Because googling doesn’t lead me ...
Types of scientific articles

Types of scientific articles – structure and purpose

Not all scientific articles, aka papers, are the same. Each kind of article has a different purpose. For example, some papers present new data while others discuss data already published. Understanding the differences and the purpose of each type of ...
How science works

How science works? – The big picture

Science is an abstract word. I am sure you have an idea of what science is. But can you explain exactly how science works? The first idea that came to mind is: science is done by scientists. Ok, but what ...