Computational Modeling and Simulation (CM&S) in Medical Devices Industry: Where are we today?

Computational Modeling and Simulation (CM&S), aka in silico methods, is establishing itself as a powerful tool to support marketing applications of a broad range of medical devices. Regulators are increasingly open to accepting computer-generated evidence from modeling disciplines like solid ...
Digital Twins Healtcare

6 Digital Twin Applications in Healthcare – The Revolution of the Next Decade

Digital Twin is a broad concept that encompasses many technologies and applications. A digital twin is a digital replica of a physical object or an intangible system. However, these virtual copies are not a complete representation of the complex multi-physics nature of the entity, ...
State of the art

How to research quickly a state of the art – Practical guide

Every scientific oeuvre starts with a state of the art. A state of the art is a text that summarizes the key concepts on the topic, explains the current status of the subject, and discuss the latest advances and challenges ...
Scientific Databases

Scientific databases – which one should you use

We have already explained in this blog what types of scientific articles exist. Now, you may wonder – where I can find scientific articles? How do I know what has been published on my subject? Because googling doesn’t lead me ...
Types of scientific articles

Types of scientific articles – structure and purpose

Not all scientific articles, aka papers, are the same. Each kind of article has a different purpose. For example, some papers present new data while others discuss data already published. Understanding the differences and the purpose of each type of ...