How science works

How science works? – The big picture

Science is an abstract word. I am sure you have an idea of what science is. But can you explain exactly how science works? The first idea that came to mind is: science is done by scientists. Ok, but what ...
The 4 levels of research in a new topic

The 4 levels of research on a new topic

Scientific studies are highly-narrowed texts which require previous knowledge to understand the key ideas. Therefore, this is not a good starting point if you are new in a research topic. Depending on your knowledge on a specific subject, your starting ...
Where Good Ideas Come From

Where good ideas come from

Recently, I came across the book where good ideas come from by Steven Johnson. Johnson examines the process of building ideas from different angles. He analyses the more fruitful environments to generate ideas, factors that enhance the process of generating ...
The 6 profiles who will leverage the most creating their own scientific library

The 6 profiles who leverage the most from creating their own scientific library

It is clear that googling is not enough and we have to collect our database of distilled information, but who will get the most out of building their own scientific library. I am not talking just about collecting and storing ...

Why create a virtual scientific library

We live in the era of information. Nowadays you can find information about anything on the internet. Just type it into google and you have the answer. Well, this doesn’t always work like that. First, on the internet, there is ...